Great leaders recognize the value of others who have led greatly.

Our accomplished coaches and trainers inspire entrepreneurs, facilitate the rapid development of entrepreneurial skills, and guide them toward holistic business growth. Whether working with sports champions, seasoned entrepreneurs, or experienced managers, they provide personalized guidance that enables startups and entrepreneurs to enhance their leadership abilities and expand their businesses.

Louis de Grandpré

An inspiring and visionary leader, Louis is a certified business coach and natural team leader with extensive management and transformation experience. He has successfully met major challenges, such as the creation and management of a new company and the establishment of a new international organization in Quebec.

Louis puts people at the heart of decision-making by quickly identifying the issues affecting them, while also taking into account financial and commercial aspects, and proposes realistic, results-driven solutions and action plans. He is able to initiate positive change in complex, multi-stakeholder organizational contexts.

A mentor and developer of others, he preaches by example. Possessing an innovative spirit, he instinctively grasps the human dynamics in organizations and can positively influence the culture of the organization.

Alex Bouchard

Alexandre is a passionate technology entrepreneur with over ten years of experience. His company, V3 Stent, combines his expertise in technology (ex-Apple), sales (ex-KPMG), recruitment (ex-Randstad), and marketing (BBA in marketing, media startups).

He co-created Stent, an AI software that meets the needs of sales, HR, and marketing teams while being simple and efficient for daily use. The Canadian government’s Canadian Tech Accelerator program recognized his company twice as a “top SaaS innovation in Canada.”

In addition, Alexandre has spent the last ten years delivering talks and training on increasing brand awareness in the digital space. His support for MontX and its cohort is a natural fit as he has mentored at Evol, Startup Montréal, and other organizations such as HEC Montréal, the University of Copenhagen, and Enfant Soleil.

Isabelle Lefebvre

With a master’s degree in kinesiology, Isabelle Lefebvre worked in the health field for 15 years before becoming a business and management coach. She holds one of the most internationally recognized certifications, PCC Professional Coach certified by the International Coach Federation.

She is CEO of Azur Coaching inc. since 2011, she is also a trainer, speaker and author of 3 best-selling books. She helps entrepreneurs to structure, develop and optimize their business in order to take it to the next level of expansion.

Her relationship-based approach to money is unique, and her coaching touches on all aspects of the business: business model, product/service offering, skills development, financial mindset and sales, human resources management, business management and growth.

She is a woman of heart and action, visionary and determined, passionate and committed to reaching the highest summits for whom “anything is possible!”

Jocelyn Brouillard

Jocelyn holds a degree in management and is passionate about entrepreneurship. Since 1994, he has been involved in various companies as a founder, shareholder, investor, manager, and advisor. His experience spans multiple sectors: services, tourism, impact, manufacturing, agriculture, retail, franchising, technology, automotive, pharmaceuticals, recreational products, and more.

With many years of experience, Jocelyn is a versatile manager with expertise in marketing, finance, HR, governance, and other areas. However, he is often recognized as an “entrepreneurial” expert. For Jocelyn, being an entrepreneur is not just a profession but an integral part of his behavior, thinking, and way of life.

As a serial entrepreneur, Jocelyn believes that building a company is the best job in the world and that “a company is only as good as its managers.” This belief has led him to collaborate closely with several university programs in entrepreneurship and repreneurship since 2012. He serves as an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at HEC Montréal and an advisor/expert to various incubators and accelerators in Quebec.

With his intuitive, straightforward, and honest style, Jocelyn draws on his thirty years of experience and extensive network to help entrepreneurs realize their dreams. He firmly believes that supporting entrepreneurs can positively impact the world, one entrepreneur at a time.

Ève Desmarais

Ève Desmarais is a seasoned entrepreneur and manager who has worked mainly in the HRI and franchising sectors for a dozen years. She firmly believes that the performance of companies and organizations depends first and foremost on people: Business is people.

For nearly 35 years, in addition to leading as an entrepreneur, Ève has passionately built exceptional, high-performance teams in large organizations such as large public corporations as a senior executive, in small and medium-sized businesses and in the Quebec government.

Today, Ève enthusiastically shares her entrepreneurial and management expertise with entrepreneurs and executives as a coach, advisor and mentor in their business strategy and leadership development.

Ève is a graduate of Université Laval in communications and public relations.

Here are its main fields of action:

  • Business and growth strategy
  • Corporate restructuring and reorganization
  • Leadership development
  • Transformational leadership
  • Team creation or reorganization

Choosing to become a coach at the Mont X incubator was an obvious choice for me. This is where my two passions come together: the dynamism of entrepreneurship and my life long dedicated to sports and well-being. For me, this commitment is a form of gratitude, an opportunity to pass on my expertise and support entrepreneurs in a field that is the very essence of my life.

Jean-Philippe Gagnon

Jean-Philippe Gagnon, Senior Consultant and Director of Business Development at Innovitech

Jean-Philippe graduated in entrepreneurship from HEC in the fall of 2011, and joined the Innovitech team in early 2012. Since 1989, Innovitech has been driving its customers’ growth through technological and collaborative innovation. The company operates in cutting-edge sectors such as healthcare, aeronautics, space, the environment, territorial development and new materials. In addition to his business development role at innovitech, Jean-Philippe is also a senior consultant in the company’s three practices: startup coaching, strategic consulting and innovation project management.

In 2017, with the conviction that sport is a laboratory for health, Jean-Philippe launched a new division within the firm: Athletc. The vision of this intraprise was to make Quebec a hub for new technologies for athletes from podium to patient, for both elite athletes and seniors. Athletc. with 3 founding members (the Montreal Alouettes, Concordia University’s PERFORM Centre and the Institut National du Sport du Québec) has supported over 30 startups and tracked more than 100 human performance technologies in Canada.

With the Athletc. project now closed, Jean-Philippe remains irrationally passionate about the industry and acts as an advisor to startups. His expertise lies in the development of a technical-commercial strategy, business development and corporate governance.

Finally, Jean-Philippe is proud to sit on the Board of Directors of Altergo, an organization campaigning for universal accessibility through leisure, culture and sport. The Défi Sportif Altergo, Canada’s largest multi-sport event, has been held annually in Montreal since 1984.

Why did you choose Mont X to get involved?

I’m irrationally passionate about the idea that sport is a driver of economic development, a lever for public health and a human connector.

I’m convinced that Mont X is an asset for realizing this passion, and that the startups here have the potential to make Quebec a world capital in sports entrepreneurship.

“The coach is the one who tells you what you don’t want to hear, who makes you see what you don’t want to see, so you can become what you want to be.”

Tom Landry - American soccer coach

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